20 alumni

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow : 1998 : 20 alumni

Natalia Oreshkina
Digital Manager
Irina Rybalchenko
Tout Andorre: médias, actualités, édition
Sergei Rybalko
Researcher, XLIM Institute
Doctor of Philosophy
Moscow State University (Russia), PhD Thesis in Theoretical Physics
Ksenia Naumova
Editor-in-Chief, Saveurs
Victoria Kuzmina
Senior Project Manager, KRS London
Irina Fionova
KAM, Intracom
Chercheuse Scientifique, University of Bayreuth
Master in Geochemistry
Diploma with Honors
Maxim Kuznetsov
Директор по маркетингу, Миллаб
Director SPT Group RCA, Schlumberger
Diana Gokhshtein
Recruiter in IT Industry, Freelance
Sveta Filina
Tutor & interprète, Auchan
Denis Kalinin
CEO, Sberbank Technology
Paata Dzhikidze
Corporate governance, strategy, and analytics
Applied Mathematics, Mechanics
Specialist (~MSc, 5y program) in Mechanics & Applied Mathematics, GPA > 3.0 out of 4 Public work: Head of MechMath Department Admission Committee Student Unit Приемная комиссия Recruiting, selection, management. • Annual admission of 400 students (more than 2000 dossiers) • More than 70 subordinates • Realized a reorganization, not interrupting of core activity
Mikhail Arutyunov
Senior Manager, Imperial Brands
Anton Ilyenko
Ekaterina Sidorova
Ecommerce manager / Project leader
Moscow certificate
philological, Diploma with honors
Andrey Maksimenko
Eearly ADME/PK/PD/Tox/ Efficacy
Department of Chemistry - Spécialisation: Chimie Bioorganique, Chimie des composés naturels et physiologiquement actifs, Biologie moléculaire, Méthodes Physiques et Physico-Chimie
Larissa K.