Laurent Alvarez

Ingenieur Soudeur, Subsea 7

Stavanger, Norvège

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Son parcours

  • Aujourd'hui

    Principle Ingenieur soudeur

    +5000 employés

  • Aujourd'hui

    Principal Ingenieur Soudeur

    +5000 employés

    2009 to now: Principal Welding Engineer, Subsea 7 Stavanger NORWAY

    Currently working on the Åsgard project (Statoil) consisting of the fabrication of a coiled tubing service line and 13%Cr, 2.5% spools.

    Completion of the Block 17 (Total) piping and structural welding qualifications for the PLET/PLEM fabricated at Lobito yard. The piping works involved C-steel with SSC testing and Super Duplex materials.

    March 2008 to 2009: Senior Welding and Material Engineer, ACERGY Stavanger NORWAY

    Worked on the welding qualifications of piping works involving Super Duplex and C-steel (Sour Service) for Pazflor SURF project (Total). This involved corrosion testing i.e. SSC testing for Carbon Steel and ASTM G48 at 40°C for Super Duplex. Special care was undertaken to ensure the best welding gas/wire will be selected to achieve the corrosion requirements.
    Completion of Ormen Lange SFD project (Statoil) with the Acergy Falcon involving plastic strain during installation. Responsible for welding procedure qualifications by Serimax (Mechanised GMAW process for mainline girth welds and GTAW for associated repairs) according to DNV-OS-F101, validation of the ApplusRTD AUT system, and coordination with Sintef for the ECA. Experience learnt on how the achieve weld metal overmatching for thin wall thickness.
    Responsible for the welding qualifications of flexible end fittings for the Volund project which involved the qualification of Inconel 625 Clad overlay on Carbon Steel forging using GMAW process with low heat input. Strong experience acquired in buttering of C-Mn steels with Nickel based alloy solid wire in terms material selection, weld qualification and Fe content control on buttering layers.

    February 2006 to March 2008: Senior Welding and Material Engineer, ACERGY Suresnes FRANCE

    Tenders: Ofon2, Bonga South West, Block 31, Bonga North West, EGP3B, QIT, OSO RE.
    Projects: Block 15, Moho Bilondo, Kizomba C and Greater Plutonio.
    Involved in Carbon Steel and Inconel Clad pipeline projects and tenders to be performed with Acergy vessels (Polaris or Orion). Strong experience in mechanized GMAW welding process (J-lay or S-lay), AUT, fatigue, ECA, materials (Pipe, forging, casting and bends) and corrosion testing i.e. SSC testing.
    Involved in Super Martensitic (13%Cr) Woodside West Flank study. Responsible for welding qualification follow up made by Serimax using different Super Duplex wire i.e. Zeron 100X and Ugitech. Ensure coordination with PWHT’s subcontractor. Experience learnt on selection of Super Duplex wire.

    July 2003 to February 2006: QA/QC Manager, Stolt Offshore Lobito Yard ANGOLA

    Projects: Kizomba B, Sanha, Benguela Belize, Dalia, Rosa and Greater Plutonio

    Manage the material control, document control centre, welding, department and the QC field composed of 30 people. Coordinate the site inspections including those of NDE subcontractor (MPI, MUT, Gamma Rays and PT). Provide technical support to projects in terms of material selection, welding and NDE (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel Clad pipe). Managing welding procedure qualifications, welder qualifications and welding method statement for fabrication. Strong experience with following welding processes SAW, GSFCAW (and with Rail-track), GTAW, orbital GTAW and SMAW, in fabrication of subsea structures i.e. manifolds, buoy, suction piles, PLET, in exotic materials like Super Duplex, Clad Inconel, in PWHT and NDT.

    December 2000 to July 2003: Welding Engineer, Stolt Offshore, Warri Yard NIGERIA

    Projects: Shell EA, Elf Amenam, Shell OGGS, Shell Yokri

    Provide technical support to the yard in terms of material and welding (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Clad Inconel Carbon Steel).Run WPS and welder qualifications (piping and structure). Witness mechanical tests. Establish structural and piping welding books and review NDE procedures. Supervise the team of QC/NDT Inspectors. Ensure all work is carried out in accordance with the approved Project Quality Plan and Inspection and Test Plan.
  • Materiaux, soudage

    Materiaux, Soudage

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  • CND
  • Fatigue
  • Matériaux
  • Soudage

Ses centres d'intérêt

Tennis golf surf basketball History and Economy books.

Sa présentation


Welding, Metallurgy, ECA, NDT (AUT, MUT, RT, MPI and DPI), Fatigue.

2010 ECA Structural Integrity Assessment course at TWI, Cambridge.
2007 Phase Array Interpretation (AUT), TWI Teeside.
2007 EN 493 MUT, TWI Teeside.
2006 AUT training course, RTD, Rotterdam.
2005 ASNT Level II RT (expired).
2005 Quality auditor, AFNOR, Paris.
2002 Interpretation of radiographic films, French Welding Institute, Port de Bouc.

1998-2000: POLYTECH’NANTES material sciences engineer, specialized in welding. University level college for the continuing education of qualified engineers, Nantes, France.
1997-1998: Master’s degree in material sciences. University of Pau, France.
1995-1997: Bachelor’s in material sciences. University of Pau, France.
1993-1995: Vocational higher education College in physical measures. University of Bordeaux I, France.
1992-1993: Secondary school examination qualifying for entry to university in mathematics and physical sciences, Orthez, France.

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Antoine Lecat
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  • Chercheur-Responsable de l'équipe ID2M, Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel (IMN)
Luc Gauvin
  • Consultant réglementé en immigration canadienne No R513494, Luc Gauvin, consultant

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